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Geoteaming with Walk for Rice

This year, we're excited to bring you a fun new addition to make your ACRS Walk for Rice experience even better! Invite your friends and teammates to join you for the Geoteaming Walk for Rice Game -- it's an interactive experience that'll help you learn more, do more and experience more. Each mission you complete will give you a chance to be more involved and win more prizes. Geoteaming is an app-based team building game. Just download, login and play.


DOWNLOAD: Go the App Store (iPhone) or the Play Store (Android) and download the "Geoteaming" app.

LOGIN: Create a user login using email, Facebook or Twitter. Tap search and enter "acrs." Tap ACRS Walk for Rice. Enter "acrs" for your entry code and tap OK.

PLAY: Tap Missions. Now complete as many missions as you can! 


Email or call (206) 695-7551. You can also download the visual instruction guide and view the participant liability waiver agreement.