ACRS Walk for Rice 2018

2017 Cruisers.  We'll be back!
2017 Cruisers. We'll be back!

Uncle Budd's Cruisers

Uncle Budd was a stalwart supporter of ACRS and Walk For Rice.  He led our team for several years, walking while in his early nineties.  We miss him but continue on with his spirit of community.

ACRS operates a food bank that offers Asian staples such as rice, ramen, tofu and fish. We applaud their efforts to provide food that is culturally appropriate, rather than expecting the person in need to accept whatever is available. It is this commitment to human dignity and respect for culture that is at the heart of all services provided by ACRS.

We are supporting the ACRS food bank by participating in their annual Walk For Rice on June 30. We are walking again this year because it is such a wonderful and worthwhile cause.  We appreciate your contributions to our efforts!

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