ACRS Walk for Rice 2018

Mighty Monsters

Hello there!

On Saturday June 30, 2018, our team of two families will Walk For Rice in Seattle. This fundraiser is for a known and trusted local nonprofit, the Asian Counseling & Resource Center -- specifically, its Food Bank program.

The ACRS Food Bank is the one of the most visited food banks in King County, and the only one in the state that regularly provides foods that are familiar to the Asian and Pacific Islander (AAPI) diet. Each year, more than 5,200 people rely on our food bank and nutrition programs to have enough to eat. More than 56% of our clients are children under 18 years or seniors over 65. Most come from low-income, AAPI households. Our food bank is located in Seattle’s Chinatown International District and provides items like rice, tofu, noodles, fish and fresh produce. Our goal is to provide nutritious food that meets the basic needs of Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders and others in King County and beyond.

Can you make a small contribution to help us towards our team goal of $250? Do a rain dance at the same time too please, we will have four kiddos that day ranging in age from 6 to 9, and it will be MUCH more fun if it's dry outside!

Thank you for your support!

-The Mighty Monsters (and their fearless parental units)

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